List of publications on interactions among Arabs, Turks and Iranians

(Nader Habibi)

 Iran’s Relations with the Arab States of the Persian Gulf: Common Interests over Historic Rivalry   (Maaike Warnaar, Paul Arts, Luciano Zaccara, 2016)

Turkey’s Image in the Arab World , Daily Sabah, (2016)

**  2015 **

What’s the one thing that Arabs, Turks and Iranians can all agree on? 2015

Turkish-Arab relations from past to today 2015   

Turkish Perceptions Survey (2015, sponsored by German Marshal Fund)

** 2014 **

** 2013 **

** 2012 **

Non-Arab Muslims and the Arab World (A five-country survey by Zogby institute), By Dr. James Zogby (2012)

The Myth of Iranian-Arab Enmity: A Deconstructive Approach, Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs, Kourosh Ahmadi, 2011

Why can’t Arabs and Iranians just get along? 2010 

Opinion Poll: “Arab Elites’ Attitudes toward Arab-Iranian Relations and Iran’s Role in the Region” Dr. Fatima Al-Smadi

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