Arabs, Turks and Iranians

Welcome to ATI.  This website is dedicated to the promotion of respect, goodwill and cooperation among Arabs, Turks and Iranians.

These three interconnected cultures have populated the Middle East for centuries. While in other parts of the world, such as Europe and East Asia, the regional neighbors have made significant progress in reducing war and tensions among themselves, the Middle East is overwhelmed with conflict, proxy wars and negative perceptions among many Arabs, Turks and Iranians.

These conflicts are taking a heavy toll on the region and unfortunately,  the tensions are still rising. The Iran-Saudi proxy war is spreading to many parts of the region and there is even a risk of direct conflict between the two sides. The tension between Turkey and Arab countries (Syria and Iraq) over water (Tigris and Euphrates) remains unresolved.

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At the social and cultural level, various surveys of public opinion in ATI countries have revealed that negative and biased attitudes towards Middle East neighbors is prevalent among Arabs, Turks and Iranians. It is out of concern for these tensions that we have created this website.

Our Mission

We believe that the prevailing negative attitudes and prejudices among ATI communities are harmful to the peace and progress of all nations and ethnic groups that live in ATI countries. We aspire to encourage change through education, outreach and mobilization of ATI citizens who share our concerns. To achieve this goal we are focusing on the following activities:

1) Survey of literature: The scholars and commentators in ATI countries have occasionally published articles on various aspects of relations relations among Arabs and Turks and Iranians. We have prepared a list of these publications and will update this list on a regular basis. We invite you to help us with this mission by sending a link (or reference information) to relevant publications. Our database includes publications in English, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. 

2)  Analysis and original articles: We will post original analysis on all aspects of Intra-ATI relations and also submissions of original academic articles, essays and op-ed articles.

3) Education and outreach: We hope that this website will offer educational material and motivation for ATI citizens who share our view and would like to promote ATI solidarity in their community. Challenging decades old biases of each ATI community against the other two will be no easy task. Individuals that want to enlighten others must have access  to useful facts and educational material. If we are able to raise any funding to support outreach activities, we will provide the solidarity advocates with financial resources to support their research, publication and outreach activities.   Read more..

Co-founders of this project are:

Nader Habibi